Tristan Arts is a music education software company dedicated to teaching college students and younger people about classical music and the arts. Our multimedia programs include Multimedia Orchestration for student composers,Tristan Music Appreciation for Young Scholars for non-majors and music enthusiasts, and other programs on music history and the arts. Tristan Music Appreciation for Young Scholars enables younger students explore and discover the instruments of the orchestra and also learn about the composers and music history (DVD-ROM for MAC/PC). Multimedia Orchestration is an interactive seminar on writing for instruments of the orchestra for composition students, as well as professional and part-time composers (MAC/PC).Tristan Arts is "Educational Software for the Ages" -- our software covers ageless music and arts, while providing programs for users of all ages.(Click links / icons above to learn more).Sample Videos from our Software Check out our Specials for 2015 on our products pages.


Tristan Music Appreciation

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