Review of Tristan Arts Multimedia Orchestration:
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From Music Education Technology Magazine (published by Electronic Musician), Sept. 2006


"Tristan Multimedia Orchestration

If you’re teaching your students about the traditional orchestra, naturally, you want them to hear examples. But with Tristan Arts Multimedia Orchestration I: The Instruments of the Orchestra instructional DVD-ROM (Mac OS X / Win) you can do far more.

Aimed at orchestrators, composers, and college music-appreciation students, this interactive seminar provides over 400 video clips showing 13 professional musicians demonstrating the basic sound production, articulations, effects, ranges, and nuances of each instrument in the traditional Western orchestra. Students can watch and listen to the performers while viewing a scrolling score of the exact part being played. Musical examples include 120 excerpts from classical pieces and 288 generic examples.

The more than 240 pages of onscreen text explain each instrument’s sound production, tone, and special features, as well as providing scoring and orchestration guidelines. Parallel musical examples let you compare and contrast instruments. Pull-down menus and text links make the DVD easy to navigate.

The company also offers Tristan Music Appreciation [previously reviewed under the name Multimedia Musical Instruments] . . .(Mac OS X/Win), an interactive DVD-ROM that uses the same approach and offers the same basic features as Multimedia Orchestration, but in less depth and with fewer examples. The DVD-ROM is aimed at middle-school and high-school students."